A Young Couple Glimpses Their Future, You Will Tear Up

A young couple a month away from saying vows they intend to write themselves teamed up with professional make up artists to get a glimpse at their future together.

Seeing them fast forward through their future, and their reactions to seeing their ‘future’ spouse is stunning.

Watching them interact like a cute old couple when they are aged 70 years in the future is unbearably sweet.

They aren’t repulsed, they aren’t unhappy, and in fact the guys first reaction to his 90 year old bride to be is to say “You look fantastic.”

At one point someone off camera asks about the emotional reaction they are having, and they attempt to articulate it…

They imagine a life filled with experiences, and memories enjoyed and forgotten, children and grand children. 

As a viewer it gives a sense of mortality, preciousness, and longing for a similar kind of love.

They seem to act with a sense of their ‘new ages’ in each transition and the fear of mortality is completely offset by the love and comfort of their partner.

A long and happy marriage for these two, a powerful exercise in thought for the rest of us.


This young couple has professional make up artists age them through generations and their love story is heart wrenching.