Bill Nye Tweets Climate Change in Texas

Many of us grew up learning science from Bill Nye, the science guy.

As an engineer with a bow tie that’s been teaching science since what seems like the beginning of time. The man has clout.

Bill Nye is very public about his thoughts on climate change, and the issues he has with those that deny it.

Recently with the massive floods in Texas and Oklahoma, Bill once again tweeted his frustration. Pointing out his new frustration, that climate change seems to be so political that perhaps journalists are being forbidden from mentioning the words.

@BillNye tweeting about the floods in Texas, the tweet about climate change that got the media involved.

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Obviously it seems there is no official gag order on the words climate change from the press, but the fact it doesn’t get more press in general infuriates him.

When CNN’s Carole Costello asks if this is Bill’s strategy, to draw attention to the issue, he makes an apt analogy to the medias mismanagement of science in the historical context of cigarette smoking:

“Suppose you had somebody running for congressional office in your district who insisted there was no connection between cigarette smoking and cancer. Would you vote for that person? You might, but if this person were adamant — ‘No, the scientists who studied cigarette smoking, they don’t know what…’ — if they were adamant, would you vote for them? And so, in the same way the connection between climate change and human activity is at least as strong as cigarettes and cancer. And so, I just want everybody to keep this in mind: that it’s very reasonable that the floods in Texas, the strengthening storms, especially — the president was in Florida — these things are a result of human activity making things worse. It’s very bad.” – Bill Nye

Bill Nye talking about climate change in CNN in the wake of the floods in Texas.

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At this point Bill is simply attempting to get people to talk about it.

Openly discuss climate change, he wants it to be a hot issue in the mass populace as that is the only way it might move politicians and corporations into action.

Not only does he want people working on climate change, he’s very patriotic about wanting the US to lead the way, to pioneer on a matter that has massive world impact.

He even goes so far as to compare the topic and wish it had as much coverage as the  recent race riots in Baltimore and Ferguson.

“If we were talking about climate change the same way we talked about the stuff that goes on, lets’s say, in fergusin, or baltimore, if we were talking about it, those are very serious issues to be sure. But if we were talking about climate change in the same way, we’d be doing something about it.” – Bill Nye

That might seem extreme at first, until you realize the lost life to climate change that’s already occurred, and is inevitably coming… is beyond massive.

Either way – if tweeting his outrage helps him get the message out there we highly recommend you follow @BillNye

Watch a 2 minute excerpt on CNN’s youtube channel.