Creative Cure for Potholes

Potholes plague roads everywhere, some communities worse than others.

Not only are they a road safety hazard, they cause damage to vehicles and drive up insurance costs.

Some residents of Hamtramck Michigan decided they were fed up and WXYZ-TV put their interview with the ‘culprit’ who had a creative idea to draw attention to the horrible state of their roads.



Josh Gaudette started planting them.

It didn’t take long to create a veritable garden in the streets with over 50 potholes ‘planted’. They turned some heads and received some compliments as he tackled a problem with a positive solution.

Of course the beautification solution could not last…

Yet this creative and beautiful concept for drawing attention to a pretty heinous problem seems to have been effective.

A city government can’t ignore those types of stories for long.


a creative and beautiful way to bring attention to pot holes on the road.