First Synthetic Gasoline Made From Plants

The car manufacturer Audi has it’s German researchers working on more than cars with attractive lines and race car like features.

Last month Audi announced a diesel made from carbon dioxide and water, and now with project partner Global bioenergies has created a new type of gasoline.

High Fructose Corn Cars

Named “e-benzin” the new gasoline is actually made from plant sugars.

It’s not quite high fructose corn syrup, but the glucose extracted came from corn. The corn glucose is converted to a clean-burning isobutane gas.

This promotional video from Global Bioenergies gives you a look around the plant, and much further explanation.

Engines Hungry For Fuel

Audio isn’t satisfied with engines running on corn, increased necessity for corn crops could lead to ecological issues and mismanagement of food.

Creating an engine that takes food from the hungry, isn’t a great PR move.

Their next goal is ambitious, and sounds like science fiction.

Audio wants to refine the process so they can create this next generation gasoline from some of the very building blocks of life on planet earth.

The only ingredients will be water, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and sunlight.

Beyond Gasoline

The plan is to dilute current gasoline with the new e-benzin fuel to help them burn more clearly… eventually replacing them.

The CEO of Global Bioenergies has said he can envision the alternative fuel being used on a commercial scale very soon.

The e-benzin fuel can also be used for refrigeration systems, plastics, aerosols… all while cutting out petroleum as the middle man.

Racing To A Greener Future

The potential here cannot be understated.

Energy infrastructures for home and vehicle are hard to shift.

Moving to electric cars is not a ‘clean’ solution with the increased demand for batteries, but also they rely on  a power grid that’s increasingly over taxed and not necessarily green.

Between home solar installations, major utilities moving to greener solutions, and cleaner burning low impact fuels like this… we are taking huge steps towards a more sustainable future.




Audio has a new gasoline based made from plants and plans for a more sustainable and green future