Inspirational 21 Year Old Writing a Novel With Her Foot

It’s easy to complain about something going wrong in your life, or a reason not to follow your dream…

until you meet this woman.

21 year old Hu Huiyuan diagnosed with cerebral palsy is an inspiration as she follows her passion to write her novel using only her foot.

Image from: Shanghaiist

No Education, Cerebral Palsy, Utter Determination

Hu Huiyuan from Anhui province of Shanghai is a 21 year old girl with no formal education and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy 10 months after her birth. this 21 year old girl with no education and suffering from cerebral palsy, leaving her with no use of her hands, is writing a book.

“I teach myself. I’m not a genius but I’m very focused. When I watched TV in my childhood, I often learned words with subtitles.” – Hu Huiyuan

She clearly has an incredible family that not only helps support her, but has taught her tenacity and determination.

Hu’s mother recounted a story of how teaching Hu to speak she had to be incredibly patient, and a single word may take a thousand times of repeating.

Yet when Hu would master the word, her mother would feel deep satisfaction.

With that determination Hu is able to type between 20-30 words per minute while strapped in a wheel chair and carefully positioning her toe over the letter she is hunting for and pressing down with strength.

When interviewed her manuscript was at over 60,000 words about the pursuit of dreams and love.

The chinese woman with cerebral palsy manages to type 20-30 words per minute on her manuscript about following dreams and love using only her single foot.

Image from: Shanghaiist

So if you have a passion, or an unfulfilled desire, an able mind and a working body… it’s time to start!