Our 3 Favorite Slang Terms for Female Masturbation

You know the joke, everyone who masturbates raise their hand.

Everyone else… is a liar!

Unfortunately women have suffered a drought of good slang terms for self pleasure that don’t sound as awkward as… self pleasure.

The word masturbate itself comes off clinical and lacking in poetry, whimsy, or even fun.

Well the girls at Refinery29 put out a video with some options – here are our 3 favorite slang terms for female masturbation.

1. Petting The Cat

Broad generality: Girls love cats as much as guys love their junk. This or a variation of “petting the kitten” are probably the most common we’ve heard.

This attempt at shrouding masturbation in a shroud of adorable… works.

petting the cat another name for female masturbation

2. Buttering my Muffin

The metaphor and innuendo are perfect; Who doesn’t love a fresh warm muffin. Add a little butter and it’s pretty much heaven.

source: http://hoppip.tumblr.com/post/18705141811/this-exploding-muffin-was-inspired-by-this-blog


3. Downstairs DJ

If it’s not immediately obvious, the hand motion sells it. Clever, hilarious, with surprisingly accurate hand gesture and a little more subtlety than some options.
Female Masturbation terms like downstairs DJ. source: GIPHY.com


Honorable Mentions:

Clitting might work, even if it’s an awkward verb. The woman in the video suggests taking it social with #clitting.

While I think anyone can enjoy and understand a gender-neutral “rub one out“.

We’re a little concerned with the gynecological health of the girl who suggested she “Visit my bat cave and say hey to Michael Keaton“.

It’s your body, and they are your words – have fun with it 😉

(Source Video)

petting the cat another name for female masturbation